Tuesday, September 11, 2012

.7 foods week 1.

I didn't know how much I would post about this but I feel like I need to keep track and this is the best way.....

Day 1: This morning I was thinking this isn't soo bad.  Tonight I wanted real food.  This may be a long month.

Day 2:  This morning was not horrible, but I was feeling less confident.  I said I would pray for my friend every time I craved burgers and that is what my family had lined up on the menu.  This of course meant I wanted them I prayed for our friend Mary all morning looking at the burgers thaw out in the fridge.  This afternoon she shared with us that her son passed embassy and was ready to come home (they are adopting 3 kids from Ethiopia)!!!  It was a little sign to me that I can do this & that God will work through this fast.  Also, can I just say how amazing it is that he lined up such a small thing as a huge sign!  He rocks. :)

Day 3:  Today was rough.  I realized today that onions were not a great choice.  My choice in picking them was try to make a salsa-ish type thing to top chicken, potatoes, and eggs.  Instead of salsa it is just tomatoes and onions and my hands smell (I bet my breath does too).  I am seriously considering switching onions out for avocados at week 2...... I don't know if that would be cheating though.  I feel like it might be.
I wanted a beer for football and realized that we totally picked the wrong month for a food fast.  I mean beer goes with football.  And chips.  And salsa.  Instead tonight I picked up an Apple and said, "Hi there Apple, your my new go to snack of the month".....
On a lighter note, I realized today that I eat when I get upset.  When I am frustrated the first thing I turn to is food, usually in the form of some kind of chocolate.......Instead today after eating two slices of dry bread I prayed...... Jen Hatmaker could be onto something here.

Day 4: Today I realized it wouldn't be cheating if I ate a McDonald's grilled chicken sandwich with only a tomato on it....so I did.  I also realized that I need to put my children in pull ups every time they go in the play area........ we left there quickly.

Day 5: Today wasn't too bad except dinner when my family had pizza for dinner, I had toast with tomatoes.  Not quite the same.  I started assigning myself people to pray for when I crave certain foods, not just Burgers and Mary.  Here is my list so far: Burgers = Mary, Pizza = people stuck in Southern government stuff in Ethiopia with their adoptions, and Tacos = my friends who are expecting, Beer = my friend who is doing this with me Kim (ps: Happy Birthday Friend, I love you!) and Meat (other then chicken) = My Husband and children.

Day 6:  Today was extremely hard.  Rougher then Day 3 for sure.  My family came to celebrate Asher's birthday and I made a big pot of chili for everyone.  Beer was in the fridge & football was on.  Cake and Ice Cream were for dessert.  I was not having "7" today, but I did it anyways.  A friend told me that usually when she fasts it takes a couple days for her to get over herself.  This was one of those days, where I just needed to get over myself.... it was rough.  I almost caved.

Day 7: I woke up feeling great that God filled me with what I needed yesterday.  He is Enough.  Always!  I am liking that I don't have to think about what my dinner will be..... the family on the other hand is starting to cleaning out what we have.  I am wondering if we could make it the rest of the month without going to the store for main meals......operation eat what we have has commenced.  They might be getting some weird combinations in the next few days, haha.

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Eric Charnesky said...

"operation eat what we have" is my favorite, you get some really interesting meals =)