Tuesday, September 4, 2012

.7 - food.

Here we go.  A lot of you have heard of 7 by now, I am sure, by Jen Hatmaker.  If you have not heard of her or her book your missing out.  bad.  The video below will catch you up better then I can...... so just watch the trailer.

I was really inspired by Jen in this book and how she grew through different fasts.  So were my friends.  If you have been here before (on my blog) you know that my friends and I kind of influence each other to do things.... So naturally some of us have have decided to do "7" together.  Fasting together.  This is something I don't know much about and didn't ever really want to know or experience, but being inspired I am doing it.  We all have different ways of changing Jen's fasts and making them our own.  

The first month we are doing is food.  Jen starts with it and we are too.  This month I have picked 7 foods to eat and included 2 extra drinks, my "7" is more like 9 but we are going with it!  My seven foods are; chicken, potatoes, tomatoes, apples, onions, bread, and eggs.  Coffee, Milk, and Water are to drink and I can season my food with salt & pepper and cook with oil.  That is it!  Lord help me, haha.  

So far today has gone well.  But it is day one and only 1:24 and usually I don't eat breakfast, and usually I have a small lunch so when I don't get much for dinner tonight I might want to rethink the whole thing.  We will see.  I am excited to grow in Christ through this fast and I am wondering how this will change me.  I think this month will be hard, but then starting this morning I was confident.  We will see how hard or easy it is as the days go by.  1/2 day done, only 27 1/2 left!!!! 

If your feeling like you want to join let me know.  We can encourage each other!  And if you want to hear Jen talk about foods go over to this post at (in)courage - 7 is this months book club book!  My friend & I have been planning this for about a month now before (in)courage announced that "7" was their new book club book, I am already loving that God provided us with this extra little group of women to support us.

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Kim said...

Hey friend! Yep, we're in this thing, even thought I'm taking the "easy" way out. Yesterday I looked through the grocery ad with longing at all of the things I wanted to be eating but couldn't. And then I prayed. So there's that. I'm praying we learn more about who He is and who we are not. Love you!