Monday, August 6, 2012

Twietmeyer Auction

Ok Friends, busy doesn't even describe our lives right now.  I have given up on blogging regularly and can settle with resuming again in September.  I am still gonna try.  But lets be honest.  There going to be sporadic until the end of August & that is alright.  Because we are enjoying summer around here and getting out and having fun.  And loving the HOT sun!  
Remember the Twietmeyers & their auction I was working on?  Well it started!  The deal is they needed $15,000 when they started fundraising a few short weeks ago & sweet Lincoln is their 15th child!  So their auction will run for 15 days!  It started on Saturday, which means there are just under 2 weeks left.  There are some amazing items on the list to bid on - including a card set I made from the girls I painted, which won't be offered online until late September!  Please go check it out!  

Also watch out for our new partnering family post.  They are getting introduced on Wednesday!!! 

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