Friday, August 24, 2012

Remembering our referral......

I posted this on facebook today, but wanted to share with you all too.  Sorry for being MIA throughout most of the summer, I do love blogging and hope to pick it up as life gets into a more stable routine - which will be soon.  

Our referral picture of Tariku - this is the photo I stared at for months while God worked on my heart......and then we waited.

One year ago today while walking in Walmart I got a call that changed my life, our agency had been deciding for 24 days which family Tariku would call his "forever family". I remember taking a huge breath after they told us they made a decision and then they said Tariku was ours. Immidiatly I started crying & I was (and still am) thankful my sister  Alyssa was there with me so she could watch the other kids as I tried to pull myself together. I am sure the people in Walmart seeing me thought I was a lunatic as I kept saying, "I have a son" and Asher was clearly in the cart I was pushing. 

Today I am thankful that our son is home. I am beyond grateful for the mass amount of friends we have meet along the way. I am brought to tears nearly each time I think of how God connected us with Tarikus friends/"brothers" "forever families" and how they get to keep in touch. I am thankful for our growth in Faith through our journey to bring him home. 

A second referral picture.  When I first saw this I knew he was ours.  It isn't much different from the photo I had seen for a couple months, but when I saw it I wanted to jump on a plane and get him home!

I also pray for his "brothers & sisters" that are not yet home. I pray today for the other family our agency was considering Tariku to live with, because had we received the news they did we would have been crushed. 

We have had some rough months both before and after he came home and the Lord continues to strengthen us. Had we not adopted we would not fully see God's healing powers, we would not see REDEMPTION daily. Thank you Lord for bringing me into your family and Adopting me as your daughter. Thank you for allowing our hearts to open so we could adopt Tariku and see your work in action. Thank you Lord for this path of sweet beautiful redemption. 

Through the ups and downs from this past year we have grown as a family and I am blessed to call Tariku my son. Happy, happy, happy referralversary!!!! We love you Tariku!

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