Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Meet the Wells Family

Happy August everyone!!!  Our new partnering family for this month is the Wells family.  Mattie is an inspiration of faith to me.  She has been through so much as a mom and her journey is far from over.  Please pray with me for their family & take time to get to learn about their story.  Also by shopping Hannah James this month you can support their adoption!

"Since beginning work with an adoption agency in May, I have really grown even more excited to see our own adoption completed!  I absolutely love seeing forever families come together and believe even more passionately that adoption is a true vision of what God has done for us!"

When did your family start the adoption process?
Our family began the process in January of 2011.  (Our adoption timeline is posted here)

Where are you in the process?
We are currently awaiting a referral from South Korea.

Where are you adopting from?
South Korea.

Why did you chose South Korea?
Many things led us to adopt from South Korea.  Ultimately, we believe that God led us to this country.  At the time, almost all the original reasons we chose this country were about us.  And, since we first started the adoption process, all those variables have changed, and the adoption is no longer just about us.

What age & gender is the child you are adopting?
We are seeking to adopt a child from birth to age 2 (we are open to older children at this point, but our home-study is written for 0-2) of either gender.

What other fundraisers have you done or are you doing? 
In the past, we have done an online auction, fundraising with Wild Olive, Ordinary Hero, as well as smaller fundraisers with friends that are with Thirty-One, Tupperware, Premier Jewelry, and had a HUGE year sale in two different states!

What is your blog?
I've recently changed blog addresses and now blog at Wellspring.

Why do you blog?
I started blogging almost three years ago after the loss of my daughter in the last trimester of pregnancy.  It helped me to verbalize some of my emotions.  Since I started blogging in 2009, we have also lost a son at 19 weeks due to a heart condition and we have had a failed adoption after 6 days.  I have met so many amazing women, amazing families, and have gathered so much love and support.  Over time, blogging, for me, has evolved into a hobby and a little bit of "me time".

Where do you live?
My family and I live in a small town in South Central Kentucky.  We love the lake, the hills and the beautiful area in which we live!

What are some of your families favorite activities?
We love going to the lake, hiking, fishing, visiting with our family and friends, and having family time in any form or fashion.

Favorite foods?
I hate to admit I have a real sweet tooth and love to bake.

Favorite color? aqua.  Or maybe the combo of both of them together.

Favorite Place to Visit?
We don't really go on large vacations or trips (saving for an adoption you know!) but we enjoy spending time with our friends and family wherever they may be!

Words of wisdom getting you through the adoption?
Isaiah 435

Throughout August 45% of Hannah James profits will go to help the Wells adoption.  
Thank you for the support!

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