Monday, August 13, 2012

First Annual Dunes Trip

best friends

watching for a train

Asher had a great time with Journey

This past weekend we met up with Tariku's best buddy, Jebril, and his family.  It was a day of fun.  I don't really have the right words for how much it meant for him, or us, or his friend.  Thinking about how much it means is overwhelming.  These boys lived together for over a year.  And they really are more like brothers, their bond is unlike anything I have witnessed..... they went through some hard months together and had each other for it.  Thinking about it they are more then brothers really, their bond is so great.  

going down the dunes

yep, they liked each other...... so funny to watch.

the little ones needed rides, those dunes were tough!

Meeting up was amazing.  The boys instantly found their place with each other again and enjoyed the time together.  Playing with sticks, running, tackling, doing boy things, and just happy to see each other.  Our little Lydia and Jeb developed quite a crush on each other during the day & towards the end they were holding hands and playing.  It was funny to watch Tariku as he would tackle Jeb as to say, "1. your my friend and 2.dude that is my sister".  

before he went in and got wet

climbing the dune

sleepy boy

Although the entire day was full of fun and laughter leaving was horrible.  Many tears were involved on all ends and it reinforced the fact that these boys grieve over the loss of each other in daily life and their other multiple losses.  Although we are at a really good place with Tariku in our family he still grieves over his losses, and he will continue to.  We were also forced to remember the brothers that could not be there because they are spread out across the country, and some are waiting for families in Ethiopia.  Many prayers were said on the way home for ALL of Tariku's brothers.  It will be a great day when ALL of our families can get together and celebrate the bond our boys have. 

toddler olympics

this is what dads do.... toddler hurdles.

not a bad group shot :)

Through our adoption process we not only gained a son, we gained many of our son's "brothers & sisters" as well.  We also adopted their families as part of ours.  Something so unexpected but a huge blessing.  I am so glad these boys will be able to continue growing together through the years. And I am proud of how far Tariku has come in 4 months.  And how his love for his brothers continues through days like Saturday and much prayer for them every day.  Tariku has already started counting down sleeps until next time.

he decided to like sand by the end of the day

and digging holes with Journey was a blast.

I finally made a photo!  Proof I was there :)