Friday, July 20, 2012

.what I am working on.


People who know me know that I often dive head first into new things - and this is exactly what has happened with my art.  I am just diving right in.  I signed up for a fun Arts & Crafts fair in late August causing me to have mini panic attacks this week.  I looked at pictures online from last year to get a feel for it and then thought, "oh crap" this is legit - I better look legit.  Meaning pull my self together and get some real stuff in order.  And now I have lists.  I am checking items off one at a time and crossing my fingers that art just flows through my hands.  

Thankfully this sign flowed freely from my wrists this week & got a check plus next to item number one - make sign. 

So for the next month I have Art to make and items to list for this fabulous lady & three children to raise..... and that should keep me busy for a while.  Lets just hope I don't do a belly flop as I try to look graceful in my dive.  :)

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