Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Meet the Depp Family

Happy July!  A new month already and a new Hannah James family.  I am thrilled to introduce you to our new partnering family today.

The Depps are our new partnering family and I seriously love them.  Alyson and I have gotten closer throughout the adoption process and I am thankful to call her a friend.  Her patience while they wait for a referral is nothing short of inspirational.  And her prayers are coveted.  Please pray with me that they get a referral soon and help support their adoption by shopping Hannah James all month long!

"When a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don't throw away the ticket and jump off.  You sit still and trust the engineer." - Corrie Ten Boom

When did your family start the adoption process?
Our journey started back in May of 2009.  Our boys were 2 and 3 and we were starting to teach them about prayer.  So...we started off by praying for "the boys and girls that do not have mommy's and daddy's", that God would be with them and would show us how He wanted us to help.  We never thought that those prayers would lead us to adoption.  We started the adoption process in January 2010, after watching the effects of the earthquake in Haiti.  Our boys were 3 and 4 years old and we knew we wanted to add more children to our family, but had never seriously looked into adoption because of the cost.  We spent the first 5 months praying about what country to adopt from and researching adoption, 11 months doing paperwork, and 14.5 months on the waiting list.  Our boys just turned 6 and 7 years old, and they are very excited to add to our family through adoption.

Where are you in the process?
We are waiting to get the phone call that tells us that we have been matched with a child/children, and to see their faces for the first time, and then bring them home.  This month we are working on our second dossier to send to Ethiopia before our first one expires.

Where are you adopting from?
We are in the Ethiopia adoption program, but open to God redirecting our family as the wait continues.

Why did you chose Ethiopia?
We originally wanted to adopt from Haiti post-earthquake.  Five months after the earthquake, Haiti was still closed to adoption and we still do not qualify under Haiti's current laws (even for a child with special medical needs - grrr).  We researched and prayed about the other countries that we were qualifies for and where there were needs, and picked Ethiopia.  We love Ethiopia's rich Biblical history, their food (and coffee), and culture.

What age & gender is the child you are adopting?
We are on the wait list for an infant/toddler girl or sibling group.

What other fundraisers have you done or are you doing? 
We have hosted Gold Canyon Candle Parties, had a Simply Love T-shirt fundraiser, A Both Hands Fundraiser, and have both picked up extra jobs to help with the costs associated with adoption.

What is your blog?
Our blog is Depp Family Adoption.  When we started praying about adoption for our family, we called a lot of adoption agencies and read books, but the most encouraging thing for us was reading about other families who had adopted.  We originally started our blog as a way of sharing what God was doing in the process in hopes that it could be an encouragement to others.

Where do you live?
Northwest Indiana

What are some of your families favorite activities?
We love to be on the water together either boating, kayaking, walking along the beach, or having a beach day.  We do a lot of gluten free baking and eating together, spend lots of time homeschooling, and reading together.

Favorite foods?
Coffee, grilled cheese, dark chocolate, steak, or mashed potatoes....depending on which one of us you ask :)

Words of wisdom getting you through the adoption?
I have this quote by Spurgeon above our adoption paperwork: "By His wisdom, he orders his delays so that they prove to be far better then our hurries."

Anything else?
I think we have already said how hard the waiting is :) It would be so easy to give up, but looking at the Lord's example and everything He went through to adopt us as His own, it is hard to justify giving up just because it is not on our timetable. 

Throughout July 45% of Hannah James profits will go to help the Depps adoption.  
Thank you for the support!

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