Friday, July 6, 2012

healing truths

a new series that has captured my heart..... more on that later (trending words here). 

Around here things have gotten better.  I am healing.  And we are all getting along much more then we first were.  Don't get me wrong there are still battles, but I don't balloon up and pop like I used too - I guess I let my anger slowly deflate, which is much better for the little ears around here. 

Back at the height of everything I decided to take some medicine to help.  I know there are many high opinions about this and truth be told I didn't want to turn to a drug for help.  I had opinions on that too, before I got all high-strung.  But honestly they have helped me calm down and my body truly needed them to help.  

When I started the medicine I could feel the effects right away.  I am calmer.  Less stressed.  Overall more at peace.  That doesn't mean things don't ever stress me out or that I am passive about everything.  It just means that I can better handle stress, discipline, and altogether life.  I can think again before sending out shooting flames when I don't like something.  

I know that many people have medical opinions about taking pills for depression, anxiety, and stress.  And this causes people to hide what is happening in their life.  Quite frankly that is crap.  How are we suppose to help each other heal if we are always judging others?  And shaming others in to thinking that something that can help them is wrong, when it might be needed.

No, I don't believe that my little pink pill will solve all my problems.  Because it won't.  There is way too much sin in this world for a pill to solve.  The only one that can truly fully heal is Jesus.  But my pink friend is helping me deal with my emotions much better then before and for that I am grateful & not ashamed. 


Kim said...

Desiree, I am so glad that things are better for you. Your heart is so beautiful, and so is your art. :) I'm grateful to "know" you!

Jo's Corner said...

I saw your comment on Jenny's Updates and clicked over to meet you. I'm so glad I did! And, I'm so glad that you are speaking openly about the medication and how it's helping you. Sadly, it seems to be people who call themselves Christians, that have the most issues with mental health problems. I take medications and likely always will. For my anxiety and my cancer. So Thank You, for sharing! Hugs ~ Jo

Blessed Mama said...

I am so happy to hear that things are improving. I have several dear, dear friends that are blessed by medication and am happy that you are being so open about this issue!!