Friday, July 13, 2012

.family pictures.

my favorite picture :)

A couple of weeks ago we got some family photos taken.  Sometimes family photos work really well.  Sometimes they don't.  We were fortunate that this was a mediocre kind of day and we were able to capture some good ones.  

I was most nervous for Tariku to get his pictures taken.  But it turns out he is a pro, a charmer, a great big smiler that can melt you in an instant or at least when you say, "you want a treat?"

Lydia I wasn't too nervous about.  Turns out I should have prayed for this one more.  She makes a classic "Chandler" face that is both awkward and funny when you ask her to smile.  After awhile she loosened up and Rose was able to get a couple good ones.  

And then we have Asher.  Pure cute trouble.  Serious trouble this one.  He has the look of how far can I test you all. the. time.  but it is so cute it melts me.  

All in all we got some decent new pictures and I am happy to have Tariku in them.  He is happy to be in them too.  I think he felt a bit left out of our last years pics that hang on the wall.  He was really excited when the new ones went up last week.  Hopefully next time they will turn out just as well....or maybe even better!

*All photos were taken by Rose Phillip.  If you live in the Milwaukee area I highly recommend her.  Thank you Rose!!!   

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