Monday, July 9, 2012

. Chicago part 2 - the tattoo.

those of us who ventured out

This is a LONG overdue post.  Oh my goodness.  Time is slipping away here.  If you missed it or it has been too long go check out Chicago Part 1.  Here is a brief recap; I went to Chicago in April to meet up with 20 adopting mamas.  We came from all over the USA & we are all connected via adoption from Ethiopia.  We ate.  We had fun.  We prayed.  And here is the post to tell you all about our tattoos.  Because that is the kind of crew we apparently are...... 

with Candi

So after our get to know each other session and prayer time.  We headed out across Chicago to get tattoos.  Correction - I headed out to watch some ladies get tattoos.  Before this I said I wouldn't get one.  On the walk I told my Mandie that if she got one I would sort of feel obligated to.  We had talked the night before about what we would get if we ever got one..... so we had ideas, but both of us said we didn't think we would ever do it.  

When we got to the tattoo place I was cranky.  It took a long time to get there.  And I don't eat breakfast, because I just can't eat early, so I was hungry.  I went and grabbed lunch with my new friend Kacie - because she needed real food too.  Before I left I told Mandie that if she got one she had to wait for me.  When Kacie and I came back Mandie had this on her foot and told me it was my turn.....

....for real.  Underneath her bandage was "Jesus" - not a picture, the word, the name, the everything in life.  I went back and fourth but here is what got me.  Someone (maybe Margaret) said, "you could get one on your right foot and you would both be walking with Jesus".  Seriously. sold.


And then I signed myself up.  The tattoo artist went out to smoke a pack of cigs - because I told him to take his time...came back in and told me to put my big girl pants on, haha.  

here I am..... 

I was nervous about the pain.  But then it started and I laughed because honestly it didn't hurt that bad at all.  

yes it is!

So apparently I still cave under pressure.  I can no longer tell my kids not to jump off a cliff, even if all their friends are - but lets be honest cliff jumping can be fun.... and so can sliding down water rocks, unless there are leaches involved (another story for another time).  

love. them. 

Aaron thinks I am crazy.  But I was classified as that long before a tattoo.  And it turns out I love it and want more.  Seriously.  Just waiting for an ok.  And I will need Mandie to come with me I suppose she will need to have her baby fist.  (Yes she is expecting!)

my heart is there too.

and now we have reminders that we are walking with Jesus, always.

Aaron asked me recently if I regretted it.  And for about two weeks after I might have said yes, but now I don't.  Because I get to literally walk with Jesus daily and I will have that reminder with me the rest of my days.  And every now and then when I glance at "Jesus" on my foot I think of Mandie and the rest of my adoption girls and laugh.  Mandie has helped me fall more in love with Jesus and guided me on my journey to Truth.  And it makes perfect happy sense that I would do something so crazy and permanent with her.  And another truth is that the Journey is the Reward.  And these girls are part of the reward from our adoption journey.  I can't imagine my life without any of them.  I am so grateful for the connections I have made through our adoption.  These women are a HUGE blessing. 

tattoo girls

Out of the 20 women who went 15 or 16 of us got a tattoo.  Afterwards we went out to eat and then a smaller group of us headed down town.  We went up to a really tall building and had some more laughs and fun.  We had another girls camera and took a bunch of fun random photos with it, which increased the laughter ten fold.

I should mention there was a comic book/fantasy convention in town, which made things all the more fun!

As I type this I am picturing our next reunion.  I miss these girls tremendously and love each one.  I can't say it enough.  Seriously love them.  

everything about this picture makes me smile. 


Blessed Mama said...

I have been looking forward to this post ;-) Thank you so much for sharing! I not-so-secretly want to get a tattoo with my hubbie, but so far he is an adamant no-go. Give it some time...and I think I can convince him, ha!

Candi said...

I love this...and you! Now I'm all teary eyed. Miss you!

Kim said...

well now i'm jealous all over again! can't wait for the 2013 trip!