Wednesday, July 18, 2012

.another auction.

Have you all heard of Carolyn Twietmeyer?  If not, you should!  She is the founder of Project Hopeful and has done an amazing job of spreading the truth about HIV/AIDS through their truth pandemic campaign.  She is a strong advocate for orphans especial those that are often overlooked. 

Her and her husband are adding a new little guy.  His name is Lincoln and he will fit right in!  He just looks like a Twietmeyer don't you think?  

The Twietmeyers are in need of $15,000 to bring home their 15th child!  They are hoping to travel sometime in the fall and will need the funds by then.  

A couple weeks ago Carolyn asked me to help her organize an adoption auction to help bring in some of the funds they need.  Right now I am gathering items to list for an auction.  If you have an online shop, are crafty, or would like to donate anything else you can think of please contact me!!!

The auction will run for 15 days starting August 4th!!!


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