Friday, June 1, 2012

Meet the Michael Family

It already June and that means a new family is partnering with Hannah James.  It also means that we are one year old!  {Happy Birthday little shop}

Today I am happy to tell you about our new family The Michaels!  Jordan and Kristin are soooo close to bringing their baby home!  They recently returned from their court trip to Ethiopia.  On their blog you can find their stories from that trip and some pretty awesome pictures that they took while there.  Please visit & offer some encouragement while they wait, as it is HARD.  And help support their adoption by shopping Hannah James all month long!

"We cannot wait to bring home our boy!"

Tell us a little about you?
We are Jordan and Kristin Michael.  We have 2 biological children, Stella (4) and Max (2).  I (Kristin) am a hairstylist and own my own salon.  My husband runs a popular movie venue called Alamo Drafthouse. 

When did your family start the adoption process?
We started the adoption process 2 years ago in May 2010.  It was my Mother's day present (best one ever).  Ironically, our first trip to Ethiopia to meet our son was the week after Mother's Day. 

Where are you in the process?
We are currently awaiting our embassy date to bring our son home. 

Where are you adopting from?

Why did you chose Ethiopia?
We are adopting from Ethiopia and we chose this country, because I have 6 cousins from Ethiopia that have impacted our lives watching them transition.  Ethiopia was already a part of our family, so we have a love for Ethiopia!

What age & gender is the child you are adopting?
We are adopting a little boy, he is 1 year old and absolutely precious.

What other fundraisers have you done or are you doing? 
We have done many fundraisers throughout the process.  The biggest ones being garage sales and my business (a hair salon) did a cut-a-thon.

What is your blog?
Our blog is Be the Change in Ethiopia.  I started the blog to inform people about our adoption, but it ended up being such a great way for me to process my emotions throughout the process and most importantly, it has been an amazing way for people to see God's glory and faithfulness through the process. 

Where do you live?
Austin, Texas

What are some of your families favorite activities?
We love movies, being with family and friends, and we love serving with our church community.

Throughout March 45% of Hannah James profits will go to help the Michaels adoption.  
Thank you for the support!

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