Monday, June 18, 2012

healing with paint

Through hitting a low a couple weeks ago the Lord opened a whole new world..... and most of my healing time has come through painting.  I am in awe of how such a simple tool, a paint brush, can transform me and help me heal.  When I am painting I feel like I am in another world, completely taken away, and I am at peace.  

Most of my struggles lately have been with really low self-esteem.  When I got stressed out I felt like I was not good enough for anything.  I felt like God was asking way too much through three kids who really do at times.  

Through painting the Lord gave me creativity to find some self-esteem again.  Lately I have painted some girls and have found verses from the Bible to adorn each one.  These paintings have helped me be brave, and they will continue to point me heavenly as I see them.  They are reminders to me of who I am in Christ; I am His daughter who can do this and who is precious in His eyes.  

A couple weeks ago I knew beauty would come and the truth is more will, more beauty then I can see.  But another truth is God has already brought beauty through falling.  

Falling hard lead me to paint, painting is leading me to healing, and both are creating something more beautiful then I could see at the start.  

I still have pretty low self-esteem, but I am slowly gaining more confidence.  I ask Aaron about 25 times if he likes a painting after I am done, maybe by next week we can get down to 15. :) Either way I love that the Lord has calmed my stress through a craft I was too scared to try until now.  I don't know where painting will lead other then continued healing but that is a beautiful direction to go, so I will continue with paint brush and Bible in hand.  


Molly~ Specs & Wings said...

These are beautiful and I can certainly relate! :)

Jana said...

I love the girl paintings. I love how painting is your medium to healing. You don't know me, but you took a gift to my sponsored child earlier in the year. Have you considered selling your paintings? Let me know if you ever do. --Jana

Kim said...

beautiful, friend. i love how the Spirit moves and heals.

Brittany said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous!