Thursday, June 21, 2012

.and now I sell art.

Hi friends.  Earlier in the week I asked the Lord for a direction with my paintings.  Then I received a handful of messages asking me if or when I would be selling my art - all within a day of my little prayer.  I took that as a big sign from God to move forward with painting.  

I am going to be listing my originals in the shop & I have some mini prints on their way!  I am so excited about sharing my art and also really nervous.  I know it has helped me and I hope that it can bring some healing touches to other women & girls out there too.  Plus Aaron has hinted that the girls are starting to take over the house :)

So as of last night Hannah James is now selling original art!  Yay!  Go check it out :)

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Jessica Who? said...

so awesome! i'm proud of you for following God's signs :)
good luck!