Monday, May 28, 2012

chicago part 1

mandie and me 

About a month ago I went and spent a weekend away.  I didn't blog about it right away because we had been home for only three weeks and I felt super guilty about having "me time" so soon after bringing Tariku home.  But if you had been here during those first three weeks or have lived through a similar situation you know it is like living years each day....and I needed that break.  desperately.

I have meet some amazing women online, I think I have mentioned them a time or two, and a group of us decided to connect and meet up in Chicago for a weekend.  Being as I live outside of Milwaukee (which for my geographically challenged friends, is close) this was totally doable budget wise for me and I was so excited that Aaron said I could go.  This was planned before we knew when Tariku was coming home.  I fully expected that I would have to cancel for some reason or another, but I didn't thanks to help coming from Aaron's dad.  So a group of 20 of us met flying and driving in from all over.  California, Wyoming, Michigan, Illinois, Seattle, Indiana, Boston, all over people.

brandi, myself, mandie

On Thursday night my best friend Mandie drove down and we spent the night catching up and giggling.  She knows the same women as we both brought our sons home from Ethiopia less then a year apart.  I'm still trying to figure that out in my head.  Having time with her was more than my heart could take at the time.  It was amazing.

trying to get us all in a pic.....

Friday we drove down together and were super excited to get away.  We were also pumped to meet many of the ladies we had been talking with online for the past year (two for Mandie).  When we got there we went to our room and meet up with our roommates - Brandi and Candi......yes I shared a room with Mandie, Brandie, and Candie - my husband asked me if I was "for real" when I told him who I would be staying with.

kacie and brandi

After talking for a couple hours with everyone we went out to eat.  The pizza was good and the company was the best.  Seriously.  Some of these girls I had previously gotten to know pretty well and others I meet for the first time, but I felt like I had known them forever.  There is something so inviting and opening about being with a group of women who simply "got me".  Who knew what I was going through with bringing Tariku home and who I didn't need to explain anything too - they just knew and it was liberating to "just be".

Friday we stayed up way too late and I am pretty sure I fell asleep talking.  Saturday we all meet for breakfast and prayers.  This time was so very special as we got to vent, laugh, cry, and laugh some more together.  I am thankful that we took that time to go around and pray for each other and open up to each other.  It was healing for many of us.

our group

Then we went and got tattoos.  Yep.  A bunch of Christian women got together for a weekend and the only thing we could think of to do was get inked up.  That post is coming. :) 

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