Tuesday, April 10, 2012

.Ethiopia - Day One.

Because I don't want to forget our trip at all and didn't have a chance to blog from there I am going to do a recap of our trip.  

our last picture as a family of 4.... Ashers face says it all

When we left for Ethiopia it was all in a whirlwind.  You might remember we found out that we passed embassy Monday and Tuesday we found out we were leaving Friday.  We really were in a zone as far as scheduling, packing, and cleaning was concerned.  By the time we got on the plane Friday morning Aaron and I were already exhausted and over the top giddy - we could not believe we were flying out that day.  Friday morning Aaron said, "Hey today were going to Africa.....WHAT?"  We really could not believe we were flying there at all.  

Our trip there was not too exciting.  We didn't sleep much again, but how can you when your going to Ethiopia and about to get your third child.  The only part of the trip that was even noteworthy was when the Delta receptionist told us our plane would stop in Sudan and I freaked out thinking she said Somalia......I literally almost threw up, there are a handful of places I have said I would never go and Somalia is on my list right now - although I said I would never go to the Middle East and Sierra Leone and I have been on planes that have landed in those regions.  

When we got to Ethiopia we had no problems getting our visa, going through customs and security.  I almost stranded Aaron with all the bags to go tackle Abel.....ok I did do that.  It was soooooo good to see him again!  We missed him a lot.  On the drive over Abel told us him and his wife are expecting a little girl - we are so thrilled for them, as they are going to make wonderful parents.  

around the Coffee Guest House

When we got to the guest house Birtukan was waiting at the top of the stairs for us.  I sprinted up to say hi and give her a hug.  She is the person I missed the most when we were away.  She hugged me back and then gave me a big ol' kiss right on the lips.  Haha.  Apparently she missed me too - LOVE her.  

After our greetings and getting settled we crashed.  We arrived late and had no problem falling asleep and staying asleep.  

Hanging out with the family, drinking macchiatos :) 

In the morning we meet the two other families staying at the guest house with us for the week; Teil, Claude and their daughter Nini who were there for embassy picking up their 18 month old son  and Summer and her sister Dawanna there for embassy picking up Summers 1 year old daughter.  Both families had plans to sight-see in Ethiopia and go outside the city.  Aaron and I decided to stay at Birtukan's, go to church with them, and catch up with their family.   

on our walk, they are doing construction up the road

Aaron's first experience with an African church was a long one.  We were there for 2 hours and 45 minutes before Nesibu pulled the plug.  He leaned over and said, "this is long, it is time to go now"  and we followed, haha.  Although it was long it was beautiful.  My favorite part was the singing and dancing - oh, how they DANCE at church.  I loved it ~ every single minute.  I was really glad that Birtukan went this time with us, last time she was tending to Aaron (bless her).  She is a woman of God and it was beautiful to get to worship next to her.  In Ethiopia the women do this high calling chant thing when they are happy and Birtukan does it well.  She is unashamed to praise the Lord and let everyone know!  

on our walk

The rest of the day we hung around with Nesibu, Birtukan and their family.  We had a coffee ceremony and ate some great traditional food.  It was fun.  The four of us went on a walk right before dinner and Aaron & I felt right at home.  It was a really calming and relaxing day that we needed. 


Lora said...

it's a few weeks since i've checked your blog, and i am delighted to see that you've got your son!!! wow! praise God. he is just beautiful! i am so happy for all of you - God is so good. praying for a smooth transition, lora

Nikki said...

Amazing! I miss ET so much, and love reading your journey. Can't wait for the next post!

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mariam baurice said...
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