Tuesday, April 24, 2012

.Ethiopia - Day 7.

Day 7 was our final day in Ethiopia..... 

 Aaron & Tariku hanging out at the Guest House.

Day 7 was a Saturday and I had my own adventure while Tariku and Aaron stayed at the Guest House.  First a group of us went to Yezalelem Minch's feeding program.  I had been there last time and it was fun to see the same workers and babies again.  It really was nice to see the nannies, as they remembered me and we all shrieked when we saw each other.  :) I l.o.v.e. those girls.  And, this little girl melts me every time I see her - she is a doll.

At a shop in Merkato 

Then the real adventure began with Summer, Dawanna, and myself.  We begged and pleaded for Abel to take us to Merkato - the largest African Market!!!  He did. And. It. Was. Awesome.  I have been in the depths of Liberia's huge market and wanted to see Ethiopia's.  I loved being in Merkato.... It was exactly what my soul needed before heading "home".

At a shop in Merkato 

I purchased a couple of items; some hand woven bags, some spices for traditional foods, a drum, and a small wooden cross necklace for Tariku (that I can't find, grr).  It was more for the experience then anything else.  If you ever have the chance to go - do it! :)  The funniest thing I think we saw was a man carrying a toilet on his head.....good times. 

When we got back from Merkato Aaron & I packed up our bags.  Then we hung out with Birtukan and her family.  I went for a walk with Birtukan and Nesibu and although they talked the whole time, and I didn't know what they were saying, I felt like I belonged there with them forever.  I love them so, so, so much.

Just before we left....

When we got back we had dinner and then said our goodbyes.  I hate goodbyes.  Especially when Birtukan is involved.  Birtukan explained to Tariku one last time what would happen and she told him to be good to his parents.  Then she prayed for us.  Aaron, Birtukan, Nesibu, Tariku, and I huddled together for her prayer.  I cried.  And cried some more.  Because her words are beautiful and you can feel the Spirit of the Lord around you when she prays.  

When I said goodbye to Birtukan she told me not to cry as she herself has tears.....of course I did.  Then we loaded the van and drove to the airport.  

We drove to the airport through downpour and it was a miracle we even made it.  Since the roads don't have drainage systems in place they get filled with water and much of our drive was driving through deep water around cars that didn't make it.  SCARY.  At one point a truck went past us through a deep area and sprayed us bad - Abel got a shower as his window was open.....he might have screamed a little, haha.  

Once at the airport we said goodbye to Abel and then got ourselves inside as fast as possible.  Our flight home was hell - I can't lie.....but that is a whole post entirely.


Kim said...

I completely know what you're talking about with Birtukan's prayers as you leave. Yeesh. I miss that woman!

The McDades said...

We LOVED staying with Birtukan and family. She is such a lovely lady and we can't wait to go back soon for Our Embassy trip.