Tuesday, April 17, 2012

.Ethiopia - Day 3.

the sweet staff that took care of him

I don't really know where to begin with day 3.  Day 3 in Ethiopia was when we got to go back to Tariku's first orphanage, Mother Teresa's.  We had gone there during our court trip and found out a lot about Tariku's history.  On that first visit we got baby pictures, and a little gift, we also told them we would come back with him to say goodbye.  He was there for two years and the staff there were and are a HUGE part of his life.

When you walk in Mother Teresa's there is a huge building, I think its the church and last time that was all we saw.  This time when we got there we were told we could walk around and go to the different buildings.  We walked around the main building and saw down the hill the village that Mother  Teresa's  is.  It has multiple buildings for the children, a hospital, and two schools.  They are also in the process of building a huge playground for the children.

his bed

The first place we went was the little childrens dormitory.  This dormitory is the host for the babies and toddlers.  As soon as we walked in the nannies started saying, "Tariku?, is this Tariku?" They were all so happy to see him it had been over a year since he had left their care and they were happy we brought him back.  Tariku was a little shy but knew the place well.  He marched us right through the kitchen and crib area to the toddler beds and showed us where he slept.  We were amazed he remembered.  After showing us around the nannies offered him some tea and bread.

snack time

While Tariku ate his snack we were able to ask the nannies a number of questions and they asked us some too.  They thanked us for adopting him and we thanked them for their years of care of him and we all got pictures together.  It was fun to bring him there and he got treated like a king by the nannies.  Word traveled fast that he was back and a couple nannies ran in to hug and kiss him.  It was precious.

she ran in and scooped him up :)

All sorts of other goodness happened when we were there.....but it is a lot to write out right now and a tad too personal for this blog at the moment.  We were very thankful for the time we got to spend at Mother  Teresa's and extremly grateful for their care, love, and kindness that they gave Tariku over the years.

When we got back to Morning Coffee Birtukan and Nesibu were sorta in a frenzy.....which is funny because those two are never nervous.  Birtukan and Nesibu not only run the guest house but they also run (and their main line of work is with) Yezelalem Minch the organization Birtukan founded.  Through YM they have a number of children's homes and as a last resort some of those children get adopted.  Therefore they partner with Bethany Christian Services for the placement of some children.  On this particular day the "Big Bosses" were coming - the Presidents of BCS both in Ethiopia and the States and various board members.   

BCS President Bill & wife Mary

Birtukan and Nesibu invited us in to eat with all of them for lunch, which we considered a huge honor. I sat next to Nesibu for most of it and he kept repeating, "these are the big bosses"....it was all together too funny for me.  We also got to share our story with the BCS board members and they were delighted because they visited Tarikus orphanage days before we got there.  Someone pulled out their ipad and showed us pictures and we found Tariku playing with his friends, which Tariku loved!  

Sweet Summer and baby Violet 

Later that night Birtukan held a sweet celebration for all of us staying at the guest house, specifically Violet.  Since Violet is Summers first child and it was her (Violets) Birthday the month before they were the guest of honor.  It was sweet, the kids and Birtukan sang songs and then we were all presented with a huge cake.  Staying at the Guest House really is the way to go! 

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Tracy said...

I have finally had the time to read about your embassy trip. Reading it was like I was there with you. You have done an awesome job capturing the trip. What a treasure for you and especially Tariku. Your love for Ethiopia and you son shine through these posts. I am praying for you daily!!!!