Monday, March 12, 2012

.give one win one - and my Birtukan.

As you know we are this weeks Give One Save One featured family!  Wahooo!  I also told you I had some giveaways in store and I promise there is one....However, I feel like this is also a great time to show you more pictures from our trip and it is the perfect time to share with you more of our story. 

So, today I am going to tell you about Birtukan.  If I had one word to describe her it would be AMAZING - all caps, all the time - because that is what she is.  

with Birtukan

Birtukan does it all. And with a smile on her face. Birtukan grew up as a World Vision sponsored child, she later worked for them.  One day as she was working she opened up a letter for a child from a man that wrote, "Even though I am handicap I am filled with joy as I get to sponsor you".  That one sentence changed her life.  Up until then she thought that all sponsors were rich people.  She never thought those supporting children could possibly be poor, handicap, or also in need of help.  

at one of their children homes - this little one is imprinted on my heart...

When Birtukan opened that letter she felt like God was telling her that even though she was poor, very poor, she should also give with joy.  And she has ever since.  God gave her a vision to help those around her.  Slowly, years later, she took in a couple of children.  Then she took in more, and more, and more.  Eventually this was the start of her ministry called Yezelalem Minch meaning "Everlasting Spring" which currently serves over 1,200 children and families in Ethiopia.  What started as an effort to help two orphans paved the way to save the lives of many others. 

at the feeding program 

Yezelalem Mich is amazing in itself.  They offer essential programs that help families stay together.  Programs like these are needed as they will help generations.  One of their many programs is their feeding program.  Aaron and I were grateful to be a part when we were there.  Every Saturday they feed children they sponsor whose families cannot meet their basic needs of nutrition.  At the site we helped at around 200 children were served.  They do this at a number of different locations. 

at the guest house

If that was not enough Birtukan and her husband also run Morning Coffee Guest House.  We had the privileged of staying there and we can't wait to go back and stay again.  The guest house is great.  They have the BEST food and the BEST staff.  And 45% of what they make at the guest house is handed out to others, either through Yezelalem Minch or by supporting widows through their local church.  They are truly serving the Lord each day.

talking with a little one before he went home

 Side Note: They serve adopting families a lot and they talk with each child before families leave so that the child knows what is happening.  It is a relief for parents who are struggling in communicating with their children and a comfort for families as they prepare to go home.  If you are ever in Ethoipia, consider staying with them - You will not regret it!!!

did I mention she is also a mother of 4!

And because I told you she was AMAZING, all caps, I want to tell you how wonderful she is as a friend.   Not only does she openly invite everyone in, she also does it joyfully.  Aaron unfortunately got sick and Birtukan checked in on us making sure he was doing alright and she served him special food so he could feel better.  She also took us out to lunch and coffee on the weekend - as a special treat.  She is what hospitality should look like.

She is clearly a woman serving the Lord.  When we were there another family learned about devastating news regarding their adoption case.  Birtukan prayed with them and us for an hour.  When we were there we found out more about our son's past and she was there to pray for us.  She also prayed with us to pass court before we went.  When she says she will pray for you she does!

She is truly a remarkable lady and I love her dearly.  

And now onto our giveaway.....Although Birtukan works hard for the Lord by serving those around her she is a woman who loves jewelry (she even makes jewelry to sell....I told you she did it all) and getting dressed up. So today, in honor of her, I am giving away a rosette necklace and a pair of Hannah James earrings to match!


rosette necklace

These are not the exact earrings the ones I am giving away are like this in lavender. 

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