Tuesday, March 13, 2012

.give one win one - and getting to know Abel.

Hi There.  We have another giveaway for you today but first the winner from yesterday is......

Congrats!  I will email you and send out your package soon!

We also have another person to introduce you to before we get to the giveaway.  Today we want to tell you about our friend Abel.  I asked Aaron to describe him and he said, "Abel is pretty much the coolest guy EVER".  I totally agree.

 Abel works for our agency as the family coordinator.  Basically that means he does everything, like superman....Abel takes families EVERYWHERE they need to go, he translates, he teaches Ethiopian history, he schedules events, takes families to lunch and dinner, he makes sure families are where they are suppose to be, and he is a comedian, photographer, track athlete, and he cheers for the greatest football team ever.......however he is not so good at Foosball. 

We got to know Abel really well over the course of the week we were there.  Usually there are a number of different families all fighting for the attention of Abel.  When we were there we were lucky to have him to ourselves.  Abel is a history major so we really got to pick his brain when we went to the museums in Addis and when we went to Mount Entoto.  I think he could have talked all day about Ethiopian history.....he did write a book about it. 

Abel is a real comedian and throughout the week we played little tricks on each other.  One time he told us that a really famous photograph in Ethiopia was going to be out our window, so we should get our cameras ready.  About a block later he said, "there they are, that couple is SO FAMOUS" and he pointed to his own wedding pictures that are on a huge billboard for the camera company him and his wife hired for their wedding last spring.  I started laughing because I recognized Hannah's, his wife, dress from my friends photos and knew it was him......Aaron however was clicking our camera away asking me if he got it.

Another time Aaron and I were very serious and were asking Abel a bunch of questions about Ethiopia and some famous people.  Aaron said, "I am wondering who this one guy I saw is....he is so serious" and then Aaron pulled out the book Abel wrote and showed him his own picture.  

Abel is also a very caring individual.  We really felt like we needed to go to our sons first orphanage and Abel made it happen....even though it took a lot of time to find.  Which is something we will always be grateful for.  He also wore his Green Bay Packer shirt for us on our court day for good luck, which is just awesome.  And he escorted us to every place we wanted to go....the sisterhood program site, sabahar, and a lot more.  Abel is the best.

We can't wait to go back to Ethiopia and visit with our friend.  When we first got to Ethiopia Abel picked us up from the airport and although I had never meet him I had heard so much about him that I wanted to run and give him a hug......I didn't, but the next time we go I can't wait to see him and unleash what I held in last time!

Now onto our giveaway.....Today we are giving away one copy of the book Choosing to SEE by Mary Beth Chapman and an envelope journal made by me!




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I love hearing more about Birtukan and Abel, I feel like I know them from how much Mandie talked about them too!

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