Thursday, March 15, 2012

.give one win one - and a couple of missionaries.

Hi There.  We have another giveaway for you today but first the winner from yesterday is......

Congrats!  I am sending out all packages together on Monday :) 

Back to regular typing after yesterdays fun little post from camera, that actually ended up taking about the same amount of time to get up as typing would have.....ahh, I tried to get the house clean, really!

Anyhow.  Today I want to introduce you to a couple I adore!  Jimmy and Rachel Gross.  I was introduced to this sweet couple through one of the families I talked about yesterday.  They told me I needed to get in contact with the Gross family, as they know my son and visit his orphanage regularly.  The Gross family is currently living in Ethiopia and have started their own ministry called No Ordinary Love.  Of course I emailed right away, and expected to hear something a couple weeks later....if ever - I mean they live in Ethiopia, so I didn't know how often they check their email.

However, the Lord works in mysterious ways and miraculously had this all planed out in advance because ten minutes later - 10 MIN - we were on the phone!  They just so happen to be home for Christmas!  This happened before we left for our court trip - right before Christmas.  I can't get into all the details of our conversation, but it was a blessing from the Lord.  To know that they know our son and have visited him and loved him for half a year before we even knew he existed....truly that is God at work through His people.  

You see Jimmy and Rachel do the work of Jesus daily!  One of their regular activities in Ethiopia is to visit children at orphanages and play with them.  So they have been regularly visiting my little guy for a while and were able to tell me all sorts of goodness that just melted my mama heart!  Their ministry is awesome and they are doing so much good in the heart of Ethiopia.  Soon they will be opening an orphanage of their own!!!  I am so excited to get to meet them in person on our next trip!

Jimmy and Rachel also connected me to another family adopting from our orphanage!  Who, at the time of our connection, had just returned home from their court trip.  I am telling you - God has these little boys connected for a reason and I can't wait to see their story played out!  Oh, these sweet connections have truly been straight from the Lord.

This family has been a huge blessing to us from the Lord.  I can't wait until we can share the whole story with everyone - because it is AMAZING!  


OK - here is what we can share - we are at $840!!! WOW!  In 4 days we raised that!  There are only a couple days left and a couple prizes left.  So keep on sharing!  Here is what you could win today - a scarf (not pictured - It is a scrunchy brown scarf), with matching earrings, and a mini journal!

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That's a very exciting update. Shared via Twitter : )

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