Sunday, March 11, 2012

.give one save one.


Words cannot describe how excited I am to announce this!  SERIOUSLY.  We are being featured this week at give one save one!  

We all know that adoption is expensive.  It is.  Not many people have thousands of dollars just laying around, not many of us have hundreds.  But we all have $1 to spare right?  I mean it is just 4 quarters.  Or maybe 10 dimes.  The idea behind give one save one is not to have one person donate $100 or $1000 toward an adoption, but to have 100 people or 1000 people donate $1.00.  Simple right.  

As part of give one save one this week we get to share our story!  The story that the Lord had planned for us before we even thought of adopting!  How awesome.  So without further rambling here is part of our story:

Our Adoption Journey has taken us on the biggest faith walk of our lives. As we are close to bringing our son home we humbly thank each of you for your role in it and your support, however big or little. We mostly Thank the Lord for bringing us on this journey and choosing us to live out this story for His glory.

We want to ask you to share our story this week, please pass this along to those around you.  Also consider donating $1.00.  It doesn't seem like much but if everyone who is touched by our story donates $1.00 - then we could be close to being fully funded!

Also as a bit of an incentive to share our story with others and donate $1.00 we will be doing a giveaway a day Monday through Saturday.  So come back tomorrow to see what you could win! 

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Michelle said...

I saw you on!! My 28th birthday is on Friday and I asked my family and friends (through a Facebook event) to donate to the family of the week for my birthday. I'm not expecting everyone to, but I'm hoping enough step up and that through my birthday you will be further blessed!