Thursday, March 8, 2012


Sweet Lydia,
I know I said this last year.....but the time has gone too fast again.  I can't believe you are 3!  That is crazy to me and makes me want to cry because you are growing up way too fast for me.  It seems like yesterday I was staring at you for the first time, thanking the Lord you were born healthy and so beautiful.  

Little girl, right now you have a fiery personality that sometimes is hard to tame.  It is good, it keeps me on my toes.  With it you combine so much sweetness and love.  I believe this is a deadly combination and I know you will be used for greatness by the Lord.  

Loving girl, you love your brother beyond words.  You are best friends.  He looks up to you and thinks your hilarious.  You love, love, LOVE to make him laugh.  And you love to teach him new things.

Silly girl, you learned how to smile for the camera somewhere between two and three.  Although you still give me grief most of the time, you do smile for me - Thanks!  Your smile is beautiful and it lights up the room.  

Shy girl, over this past year you have opened up a lot.  You love going to Bible class on Wednesdays and you are not as shy as you use to be.  You even talk to other adults, which is something you did not do for a long, long time.

Girly girl, you love to dress up.  For the past couple weeks we have been rotating dress up skirts for you to wear over your clothes.  You love your beads.  You always need a clip for your hair.  You love to look like a princess.

Helpful girl, you are my kitchen side-kick.  You LOVE to cook and bake.  You love it so much that I have decided to wait until tomorrow to bake your cupcakes with you - because I know you would be disappointed if I did them without you.  You help me make dinner most nights, you love to add ingredients to whatever we are making.

Smart girl, you love school time.  We have started doing "school" in the morning and most afternoons you want another letter to work on.  We are on Y already - eek!  You also know how to count to 30.....I don't know how you learned that, but you did.  You also learned your colors after playing candy land 1000 times, which is your favorite game.

Little Lydia, WE LOVE you so much.  We hope you have a wonderful birthday.  But more then that we pray you have a wonderful year ahead of you.  This past year the Lord has blessed us with many awesome moments and times with you.  We are beyond blessed to be called your parents.  You are making us better people, and we thank you for that and we thank the Lord for that.

Little Lyds, We are excited to continue to watch you grow and learn.  Although we ask you don't do it too fast!  Happy Happy Happy Day - We love you always. -mom & dad.

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