Wednesday, February 29, 2012

.wayman family update.

Jennifer our February partnering mama has an update for us all on their adoption!  Right now they need lots of guidance from the Lord, please pray with me for them.  Also, today is the last day to shop at Hannah James to benefit their adoption, show them some love and get some cute jewelry! 


Helllo Hannah James readers!  I'm here today to give y'all an update on our adoption.  Right now, we don't have news per se, but we're expecting BIG NEWS later this week.  According to our agency, we should be submitted to court in Ethiopia on Thursday of this week!  So please pray that this happens.

Our agency thinks that once we are submitted, we should hear back about our court date (and when we'd be traveling) in mid to late March.  They think that we'll be headed to court at the end of April or early May. Once we went to court it could be 1-3 months before we're cleared with the Embassy.  This is all all just a guess based on how the wait is looking right now.  It could be longer and it could be shorter. We are prayerfully condsidering me staying in-country between the 2 trips.  

Here's my pros and cons list so far: pros: getting to spend time and bond with our sweet new baby; spending time in the home country of our son.  Cons: the hubby not being able to stay much more than a week or so; expensive.  We're not sure right now if we could work it out financially or if it's feasible at all, but we're praying about it. 

A BIG thank you to Desiree for having us as the Hannah James Partnering family this month!  We would be honored if you purchased any of her jewelry to help us bring our sweet baby boy home!

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