Tuesday, February 14, 2012

.a proper pin.

Dearpinterest-2012 Linkwithlove_jan12_02

.a proper pin.  Do you love pinterest?  I know I do and a lot of people do.  I do a lot more browsing on there then anything else, but occasionally I pin something.  And that is ok, as long as I credit the picture to the proper source - the original source.  Kal Barteski started a campaign when she learned that people were stealing her images and then selling them as their own.  A clear violation of her hard work.  Out of this stealing Kal started Link with Love an online group that educates others about linking back to the original source - the owner of that work!  Sure, it is a little bit more work to find the original source of some pictures, but don't you think that it is deserved?  

I mean for my shop images I make the product, set up a little photo shoot, take the pictures, edit the pictures, and then list them to the shop.  That is A LOT of work.  If I see my pictures circling pinterest I get excited......except when they are un-credited & un-sourced - because I put in a lot of work!

Today Link with Love has a campaign going on to educate those obsessive pinners on pinterest.  To educate with love.  If you would like to pin the above image and take part please do so from the original source, not here, link with love.  Think about where your getting your images, and give proper credit.

I have not always given proper credit.  I have found images, not known where they have come from, and re-posted on this blog or re-pinned on pinterest.  I used to be part of the problem.  Now that I know how easy it is for work to get stolen and credit mislead I am linking with love.  I am giving credit to the original source.  And I am asking that others do the same.  "When we know better, we do better"  Maya Angelou.  .a proper pin.

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