Thursday, March 1, 2012

.meet the miller family.

It already March and that means a new family is partnering with Hannah James.  Today I am happy to tell you more about my friend Michelle and her husband Zach.  Michelle hosted our lovely Tastefully Simple online party last month & we are so glad to now partner with her and help them out!  She blogs over at Our Life in North Carolina and is a total sweetheart.  Please help support their adoption by shopping Hannah James all month long!

"We are so grateful for all the support that we get.  The biggest thing we have learned in the last year is how adoption is a group effort!"

When did your family start the adoption process?
March marks 1 year of our adoption process. 

Where are you in the process?
We are currently waiting for a referral and #3 on the wait list!

Where are you adopting from?

Why did you chose Uganda?
God made it very clear that we were to adopt from Uganda.  3 times a day for 7 days He brought it to me.  In the weirdest ways!!! I even got added to an Uganda group on facebook by accident!

What age & gender is the child you are adopting?
We are adopting a baby boy.

What other fundraisers have you done or are you doing? 
I have had an etsy shop for over a year, we had a quarter auction, and I am now a Tastefully Simple consultant.

What is your blog?

Why do you blog?
We started our blog because we don't live near any family, and this way they can keep up with us.  But it has become a great way to encourage others with their adoption, or if they are thinking about adopting.

Where do you live?
North Carolina

What are some of your families favorite activities?
As a family we love to EAT!! lol  We really love good food, and making it together.  We also are really into sports.  So we love to go to games.  Being outside is another fun thing, and living in NC makes it easy to do most of the year! 

A favorite place to visit?
Favorite place to visit is somewhere NEW.  We love exploring new places together!!

Favorite color?
Michelle - purple and Zach - blue

Favorite food?
As a foodie, I cannot choose a favorite food!  You would have to be very specific to get an answer from me, lol.  I LOVE to eat!

Do you have a favorite verse helping you through the "wait"?
God has constantly reminded us that He will bring our children from the East and gather us from the West.  Isaiah 43:5 Pretty awesome that He is that bold!

For those of you who want to get to know this sweet family more, here is a little video they put together as they wait for their son!

Throughout March 45% of Hannah James profits will go to help the Millers adoption.  
Thank you for the support!

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