Tuesday, February 7, 2012

HIS timing.

.HIS timing.  Today is going MUCH better then the past few.  I think it is due to where my heart is.  These past few weeks I have tried giving everything to the Lord but I don't think I fully did until yesterday.  Because to be honest yesterday I broke.  I wanted soo badly to just hop on the next plane over to Ethiopia.  I checked my email every 9.5 nano-seconds to see if it was about to happen.  When it didn't I called Aaron crying too many times in a day to admit and when he couldn't do anything about changing our situation I broke.  I was exhausted by the end of the day because our little ones passport didn't come, yet again.... Because things didn't go my way.  Because things are not happening when I think they should.

I went to bed praying, "I can't do this.  I CAN'T, but Lord you can and you have to because I can't."  And you know what - HE IS.  I woke up this morning after surrendering this situation fully to him and I FEEL MUCH BETTER.  Today we didn't get our passport and that means we have to wait until next Tuesday at the earliest to be submitted to embassy.  Yesterday this news CRUSHED me.  Today I am at peace about it.  Complete peace.  I am sad, sure. But I know God is bigger then this and he wants me to go in HIS time.  And I just need to be patient about that.  

His timing has played a huge role in our adoption.  His perfect timing showed up on our first trip, for sure.  When other people in our agency went in November, I was confused and hurt as to why we couldn't go yet but it was for a reason.  When we did go we had the amazing opportunity to go the very same week two other families (not with our agency) did who are adopting from our sons orphanage.  We got to go and connect with these families and now our sons will be able to stay in touch with their brothers.  This was HIS TIMING. 

 When we went we were the only family from our agency and to be honest we were a little bummed at first - but it was HIS TIMING.  Since we were the only family with our agency we got to visit our sons first orphanage where we learned more about his past.  If we had been with other families this would have NEVER happened (seriously, it took 3 attempts and half a day to find it).  This was God's incredible TIMING. 

When we went we were also one of the few people staying at Morning Coffee Guest House that week.  We again were a little bummed that we wouldn't get to meet many other adopting families....but God had something better for us.  Since we were the only two for most of the week we really connected with Birtukan and Nesibu, the owners.  This might have happened if others were there - but I doubt we would have talked as much.  We were able to form a friendship with them and we got to do things with them that I don't think the average family gets to.  What a wonderful gift God gave us.  This was part of HIS TIMING.

I know things happen in Gods time and looking back at HIS perfect timing gives me faith that He knows what He is doing and HIS TIMING will be perfect again the second time we go.  Our situation is in his hands and we will go in HIS TIME.  I am praying it will be soon but if it is not I know it will be alright because it will be when HE wants us to go.  Until then, and always, I have to keep surrendering our situation to Him so He can continue to give me His peace.  .HIS timing. 

"He has made everything beautiful in its time..."  Ecclesiates 3:11

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here here. God's timing has wonderful results