Thursday, February 16, 2012

.follow up.

.follow up.  Seems like many artists, photographers, and bloggers are in an uproar about Pinterest.  I have read numerous articles this week about the beloved site.....these articles have made me think about the property of images and stories found online.  I don't personally have an issue with others pining my Hannah James Photos - as long as they link back to me.  I DO have issues with the sharing of my family photos and have not seen any pop-up on Pinterest, but would be questioning a lot of people if they did.  Here is a specific article that got me thinking...... thinking so much that I deleted my pinterest account.  I don't know about you, but $4000 a picture is something I do not want to pin.  

This will also most likely cause me to go back through my blog posts and link correctly with permission to all photos or I will take them down..... which is bound to be a lot of work.  But if I think about the work artists, photographers, crafters, & bloggers put in honoring their work is the only RIGHT thing to do.  Please consider doing the same and always linking with love.  .follow up. 

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