Monday, February 27, 2012

.the best part of my weekend.

Such an unexpected blessing

.the best part of my weekend.  Last week Wednesday I learned about an adoption conference in Illinois.  It happened to be about 3.5 hours away, not bad.  It happened to be near an area my husbands college roommate now lives meaning we could crash there, sounds good.  Grandma and Grandpa also happened to be available to watch the kids for us, check plus.  The conference had FREE registration, horray.  Convincing my husband to go didn't take too long and we are sooooo glad we went.

There were two main speakers I wanted to connect with, Gwen Oatsvall of 147 Million Orphans and Carolyn Tweitmeyer from Project Hopeful.  I thourally enjoyed both of their sessions.  And was able to talk with them both - I seriously LOVE them and their hearts.  I was grateful to have had the time to share parts of our story with each of them.  And especially grateful to show Carolyn the pictures we took from our visit with our sisters.  

I also had a wonderful time with my husband.  Since we did a lot of driving we did a lot of talking and that was great.  Diving deep into conversation has lead us to where we are now on this adoption path.  It was great to be able to talk uninterrupted with my husband for a long time about where we have been and what our future holds.  Thank you Lord for that time of connection.

I loved the conference, I loved the time with my husband, I loved the speakers......but the best part of my weekend came when we unexpectedly saw our friend Mary at the conference.  We meet face to face for the first time in Ethiopia as our kids are at the same orphanage.  I LOVE THIS WOMAN!  I cannot tell you how emotional it was to see her, I think I just started crying.

After hugging for about 5 minutes with tears we both pulled out books we had made of our children, and just stared at their precious faces.  I can't tell you how awesome it was to hug her and tell her how I loved on her son after they left.....overwhelming.  Her son is our sons best friend right now, they are brothers - not by blood by love.  My love for her son is as deep as my love for ours.  Mary is family.  It was such an unexpected gift and blessing to see her!  SUCH A BLESSING.  It still overwhelms my heart to think of the moment when I realized she was there.  .the best part of my weekend. 

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