Friday, January 27, 2012

.show hope.

.show hope.  When we got home from Ethiopia we had a stack of mail waiting for us.  Among the letters and packages sat a letter from show hope.  I was scared to open it because I knew it would either let us know if we got a grant or we didn't.  I totally thought it would be the latter because the envelope was a standard size.  But we read it and are excited to announce that we got a grant!  

As our adoption has been the fastest in the world - this really helps.  We thought we would have 2-3 years to save up and do fundraisers.  Thankfully the Lord took us a different route and it has been quick, 10 months quick so far.  We have been fundraising for about a year and the Lord has blessed us through each and every step of our walk.  We are thankful that this Show Hope grant was awarded as it will help in getting back to our son.  

If you would have asked us to fund raise an adoption cost in a year when we started I would have thought you were CRAZY.  However God is fully providing for us and I have learned that worrying about the money part is not I just watch it happen.  If you are considering adoption but scared to bits about the financial burden, don't be.  If the Lord truly wants you to adopt and has placed it on your heart then He will also provide all you need financially.  trust HIM.  I am not saying you get to sit in a lazy boy and watch.  You do need to be actively involved, but the Lord has given us ideas, great friends, family, and many chances to raise the money we needed for this adoption.  We were willing to work for it because this passion for Adoption came from Him.  In our fundraising the Lord has provided.  And will continue to provide (as we are still going strong).  Thank You Lord for Show Hope being one of those provisions.  .show hope.

*** People have asked if we are fully funded: NO.  We are not fully funded for this adoption and we will continue with fund raisers.  We are very blessed though and thankful that the Lord is giving us what we need when we need it the most!


Lindsey said...

That is SO AWESOME!!!! So glad you guys got the grant!!! What a huge blessing!!!! Go God!!!!!!! :D

Brittany said...

That's fantastic!! Congratulations! :D God is so fab.

Our Adoption Journey to Eastern Europe said...

Just curious...the grant cycle you applied for the Show Hope grant, how long was it between the time that you applied and were notified? The email that confirmed they received our info say minimum of 90 after we would be notified...did it take that long for you guys to hear back on the decision? Thank you for your help!

Our Adoption Journey to Eastern Europe said...

Thanks for your comment and for answering my question about the grant time. At least I know I shouldn't be watching the mailbox for a while! God Bless!