Thursday, January 5, 2012

.shop vacation.

hi there penny!

.shop vacation.  I was thinking of different ways to run the shop while we are gone and the thought alone stressed me into hyperventilation.  So, after a minute of that, I decided the best way for me to keep my sanity would be to have a shop vacation.  

I feel bad showing you the monthly deal and then closing shop for a while, but I think you all will forgive me for being in Ethiopia and spending time with my son.  I also feel bad for our partnering family - but Mandie is my best friend and she understands.  Plus I think 20 some other days in this month will be enough time to support them.  

If you want to order anything soon - the shop will be open until Friday January 6th at night (probably around 8ish cst).  This will give me time to ship out orders Saturday morning.  The shop will re-open again when we are back and functioning - sometime Wednesday January 18th.  Thank you all for the support and understanding.  .shop vacation.

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