Wednesday, January 25, 2012


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.others.  Other families going through this process at the same stage are helping me right now.  Right now these other families - other moms specifically, and Jesus.  They are my rock.  It helps because these women allow me to cry and not feel bad about missing my son.  They know the ache, like I do, that sometimes comes and sits making it hard to breathe.  Yet, they encourage me just as I am.  Giving me little hints of the Bible throughout the day.  Saying little prayers.  Knowing others are going through the same heartache somehow makes me feel better.  And it takes the focus off myself for a while, so I can pray for them and their little ones.  

I know I have said it before, and I will again, thank you Lord for giving me the gift of friendships through this process.  It is a beautiful thing to grow in friendship through heartache.  I am witnessing beautiful things happen each day as we moms surround each other in love.  And are able to vent, cry, scream, and praise the Lord all at the same time.  And grow deep in the love of friendship through Christ.  We, even at our low, are completely blessed by the richness of friends at the same place.  And although it is sometimes ugly with the tears, it is beautiful.  Thank you to my other mamas for supporting me.  I appreciate each one of you and your friendship.  You are beautiful to me.  .others.

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