Monday, January 23, 2012

.one week down.

saying goodbye

.one week down.  Sorry I have not posted much since our return.  The truth is I can't seem to figure out in words how to express myself.  The feeling I have right now is not pleasant at best.  A friend told me that leaving your child to return home and wait out embassy is like grieving.....and to be honest that is what I am feeling.  grief.  deep pain.  To put it lightly, it just plain sucks.  At the end of today we will have been gone for one week.  One week without seeing our son.  One week away from a country I love.  One week without our little guy home. All I can think about is how on earth I will survive 5 more at best...... 

Although this is how I am feeling I keep going to the Lord with it and He keeps pulling me through.  People ask, "How are you doing it?" and the only thing I am clinging to right now is the Lord and the hope that He alone will get us through it.  I am trusting Him and His timing.... The Lord asked us to trust Him before when He lead us to our son.  The only thing we can do is continue to trust that He will get us through missing our little guy, and he will bring us back to him soon.  So, we continue to trust Him.  And we continue to trust that our son is in His hands, as he has always been and will always be.  .one week down. 

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Future Mama said...

ONE WEEK DOWN!!! Praying for you, friend :-)