Tuesday, January 24, 2012

.my list.

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.my list.  After a couple of days of feeling sorry for myself I woke up yesterday, probably after writing the post on missing my son, and told myself to knock it off.  I have two children here that don't need a moping mama for the next who knows how long.  I have a husband who also needs his wife alert.  And I have needs myself like showering and putting on something other then sweat pants to pull myself through.  

With my wake up call I made a list.  An important list that I actually started before we left.  Because I know myself too well.  Number one on the list - Pull yourself together.  How is that for knowing myself.  haha.  I added things to the list yesterday.  Important items our little guy needs us to have prepared for him before he arrives.  Having a bed set up for him I think is important.  I don't want to leave it until the last minute, although I am sure he wouldn't mind.  This reminds me of when the Dr. asked me if I had a crib ready for our son a couple weeks before I was due with him and when I said, "not yet" she just looked at me and said loudly "you know your having a baby right?"......Anyhow things like that which I should get done now cover a page. 

Hopefully these items will help me not walk down a lane where misery is going to be found.  Hopefully they keep me busy enough, and tire me out enough, to keep me going until we get our call to go get our son.  That is the new plan anyhow.  And a shop update I think will find itself on there too....unless we get a call early.  Which I am totally praying for :) 

On another positive note, we got an email today saying they had our sons birth certificate.....so we are for sure one step closer today then yesterday and that is always a good thing.  Up next passport!  Knowing he is going to get his picture for that cracks me up.  I know he will be excited to leave to get his picture taken and I can't wait to see the cheeser that is on his face in it.  Ok, enough for now....I have to get back to my list!  .my list. 

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