Friday, January 6, 2012

.Merry Ganna.

original image source unknown - let me know if you know it!

.Merry Ganna.  Ganna is Christmas in Ethiopia and is celebrated on the 7th of January.  So it is Christmas Eve here and we are celebrating!  Today my kids and I are baking a cake to celebrate Jesus's birth - partly because we didn't have time in December and the cake mix is haunting me on the counter.   Tonight we are also going out to an Ethiopian Restaurant with a bunch of families in the area who have adopted from Ethiopia or are in the process.  I can't wait to meet a bunch of them and celebrate Ethiopia's culture together.  It will be fun.    .Merry Ganna. 

If you celebrate Ganna what do you do?  
Do you have any special traditions or activities?

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Abe and Joni said...

That photo is the book "Road to Bethlehem". We got it to read for Ganna. It's pretty interesting!