Monday, January 30, 2012

.bloom where you are.

flower in Ethiopia

.bloom where you are.  Hi friends.  Yesterday at church I felt very uplifted, it was just what I needed.  Our pastors sermon was about blooming where you are.  In every circumstance.  EVERY circumstance.  Yep - written specifically for my sulking self.  So that is what we are going to do.  

As we wait patiently (haha) for our return to Ethiopia we want to use this time to bloom!  We are going to be collecting items for two orphanages in Addis, called AHOPE.  AHOPE for Children is home to about 100 children who are all living with HIV/AIDS.  We want to be able to bless these orphanages with a lot of supplies when we return, showering them with donations.  AHOPE has a list on their website of items they need & want.  If you are willing to help us with some donations please contact me and let me know.  Thank you in advance! 

AHOPE is also looking for 14 families to step up by February 14th to help sponsor a child.  Sponsorship costs $35 a month and has the power to really help some of the worlds most vulnerable children.  AHOPE has huge plans for their future and getting more sponsorships will help them be able to grow.  

Also to help our funds bloom a bit we have a new fundraiser going on.  We are having a Tastefully Simple online party, thanks to Michelle!  To view the wonderful products you can go to the online catalog here.  We are really excited about partnering up with Michelle.  When you order just make sure you put my name (Desiree Thompson) in as host at the checkout.  Orders will be open until February 10th.  Thank you for the Support!  .bloom where you are.

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