Friday, January 13, 2012

Best Words of the Day.....

"Your papers are all here, you pass.  Congratulations he is your son!"
Hi Friends.  Today was a good day.  We passed court and all our papers were there!  Praise to the Lord.  Thank You for the prayers. 
We knew it would be a good day when Abel showed up in a Packers shirt just for us.  When we got to the court house we had to ride up in an elevator and I was telling Aaron and Abel how nervous I was, there was only one other woman riding the elevator with us.  When we got to the floor the woman went into a room and Abel said to me quietly, "that was the judge".  Haha....she knew how nervous I was.  Oh goodness.  Then a couple of hours later we went to eat at the golf course and who was at the next table.....the judge!  Haha. 
This afternoon we went to the orphanage and had to wait a while for the kids to wake up from their nap.  They have a fooseball table there so Abel, Aaron and I started to play.  Then our driver, Benium came and joined.  Then two of the male workers came and joined in the new tournoment.  Abel and I lost to Aaron 11-1....yeah we are that bad.  The male staff workers were so good and Benium was as well.  Abel and I played each other to see who was the worst.....I am, but not by much - we together can't even beat anyone, haha.  
When the children woke up we gave them stickers and had a lot of fun with them.  They were sticking them all over their bodies.  They loved to stick them on their faces and it became a game to get each other in the face.  Our son (wow) does not like them on his face and was content to sit on my lap and put them on my arms.  He is very, very comfortable with us and that is a good thing.  
Some of the little ones here are really sad, our son included.  Their best friend left earlier this week and the kids easily get upset.  And easily cry.  It is very hard to watch, when your children are hurting.  And when your children's best friends are hurting.  One little one is really missing his friend and I held onto him for a while.  My heart was stretched today and it broke so many differnt times.  
Later this afternoon we went to learn about Yezelalem Minch they host a feeding program we will be participating in tomorrow.  It was nice to get to hear about all of the different ways they serve - I will for sure post about the whole program sometime later.  
This evening we went out for dinner at a traditional Ethiopian place.  The food was really good.  We love the food here, it is amazing and I need to learn how to make it.  The place also had traditional dancing and music.  Of course we went with Abel and had a great time.  We are all getting more comfortable with each other and he likes to joke with us....he lit up his face and said, "guess who is here....the judge, she is following us!"  I totally fell for it and need to start getting him! 
We only have three days left and already I know I will miss it here.  I think if someone were to fly our children back home here I would stay forever.  Of course I would need some visitors, but I am in absolute love with this country, the people, the food, the culture, the diesel smell.  Each and every part.  My heart is full and is singing praises to the Lord.  
Thank you Lord for this beautiful blessing of a day. 


Lauren said...

congratulations!!!! is is yours... the best words!

Zach + Michelle said...

SOOO happy for all of you!!! God is so good :)

Future Mama said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! I am loving these posts! I am SO happy for you :-)

Lindsey said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! This is awesome news!!!!!! :)