Saturday, January 14, 2012

are you thankful?

Today as I logged onto facebook to update my status about the day, I scrolled down.  My heart hurts at the amount of complaining we do as Americans. I got so mad at how people stated they had bad weeks.  How people complained about the jobs they have, or their children.  Seriously.  I know I am part of that group too and that makes me mad at myself too, trust me I do my fair share of complaining......right now I am about freaking status updates for crying out loud. 
This morning Aaron and I had the privilege to participate at Yezelalem Minch's feeding program.  We were able to serve 180 people who otherwise would be hungry.  Many people we have seen this week are wearing the only clothes they own.  Many don't have shoes.  We have passed a huge dump every day where people go and look for eat!  Many beg for food because they have no other option in getting it or staying healthy. 
This week I have meet babies in orphanages who are beautiful and healthy because others sacrifice for them here.  I have also seen the pictures of when they have come into care.  Their faces sunken in and their hair falling out.  Their ribs sticking out of their bodies...... these children are severely malnourished.  They come into care looking weeks, months, years younger then their actual age, because their families have not had food for them.  The babies are this way not because their mothers or fathers don't care, in fact some hand them over because it is the only way to care for them and keep them alive. 
This week we have witnessed many people who live under tarps or in areas as big as a box.  Because they cannot afford anything else.  I have seen with my own eyes a disabled person crawling down the street......

Don't get me wrong it is not like this everywhere and this culture and land is full of beauty too.  So Much Beauty.  In fact this afternoon there was a celebration next door because they are building a home and wanted to praise the Lord before the build.  There was beautiful singing and we could hear the laughter.  .beauty.  We also have seen the people as they walk to church, in intricate traditional outfits and scarves. .beauty.  We have heard songs of praise to the Lord each morning and it is wonderful. .beauty.  We have seen a wedding party as they went to celebrate and they were gorgeous and full of beauty.  It is not all bad here, most is good, most is wonderful.
But there is poor.  And when people complain about how hard they have it in America.  How their job stinks or whatever, it breaks my heart.  Because we are lucky.  If you have access to a computer and email and facebook and shelter and are lucky.  Very lucky.  Unbelievably Lucky.
Please remember to stop and praise the Lord for what he has given you. 

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