Thursday, December 1, 2011

.the truth is contagious.

.the truth is contagious.  Today I want to bring to your attention something that has been on my heart a while.  It started in high school when I first heard a speaker talk about his HIV status at an assembly.  Truth be told I was terrified of him and at the same time my heart broke thinking he is going to die from this horrible disease.  I was in 9th or 10th grade and during sex ed classes later that year the fear of HIV/AIDS was retold and fear increased.  When my school system & teacher ignorantly used the disease to scare us adolescence into abstinence & sexual "protection".

I started to learn the TRUTH about the disease when I worked at GAP & they launched their Product (RED) T's - back in 2006.  Product (RED) first brought truth to me and made me more aware of AIDS/HIV in this world.  It made me aware by showing me numbers and statistics. Product (RED) made me more conscious of how I can help those with the disease, by donating and purchasing products that support fighting the disease.

Last spring I read the book There is No Me Without You by Melissa Fay Greene.  That book truly opened my eyes and brought me into the light on HIV & AIDS.  So much so that since reading the book, HIV orphans have been laid heavily on my heart and I pray for them constantly.  I highly recommend this book to EVERYONE - Especially those adopting out of Africa, where most communities and families are effected in one way or another by this disease.    

Today is National AIDS awareness day and I want you to know the TRUTH about AIDS & HIV.  I am spreading the truth today, because it is needed.  So many people still believe lies that are spread around about this disease.  It is heartbreaking the damage that lies can bring.  So here are some true facts that I want to spread to everyone about HIV/AIDS:

1. People with HIV who have access (all US Residents) to ARVS (medicine) have a normal healthy life expectancy.

2. You do not need to be afraid of people with HIV.  You CANNOT get HIV through normal household contact.  It is NOT transmitted through sharing food or a cup.  It is NOT transmitted through using the same toilet or taking a bath together.  It is NOT transmitted through changing a diaper of an HIV infected child.  HIV has NEVER been transmitted through normal family living situations.  

3. Modern drug therapies can make the HIV virus almost completely undetectable in lab tests.  Crazy right?  Taking medicine eliminates the HIV virus almost completely.  This also make the disease very unlikely to be transmitted.

4. HIV is only spread in these three ways: sexual contact, iv drug use through the sharing of dirty used needles, and from mother to infant by birth or breast feeding.

5. Women who take medicine while pregnant reduce the risk of transmitting HIV to their baby to under 2%.

So today on National AIDS awareness day please help me to spread the truth.  It is important.  And the truth is something that needs to be contagious.  .the truth is contagious. 

The following sites are amazing if you have questions on HIV/AIDS and want to learn more:

*HIV/AIDS facts were taken from the following sites:  8 surprising facts, project hopeful, and avert.

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Yes - the truth is something that needs to be contagious! Great post!