Monday, December 19, 2011

.a three week countdown.

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.a three week countdown.  This morning we got an email from our agency that gave us our court date!!!  In about three weeks we will be leaving for Ethiopia.  We are super excited and were not expecting a date so soon.  We thought that mid to late January would be the earliest we would possibly go - the second week of January is a total shock!  I can't believe that in a little over three weeks I will get to be holding our oldest and loving on him in person, not just through prayer.  Because our date is unexceptionably early, we will get to meet one of our sons friends parents, which is a huge blessing.  

God keeps us in awe every single day.  We are so blessed by the ways He chooses to show up for us daily.  When we didn't get an email by 9:30 this morning, I thought today is not the day - maybe tomorrow.  (They usually email early in the morning.) Then I went to take a shower and I prayed we would find out soon.  While getting ready I glanced at the computer and noticed a new email message, time 9:56.  Just as I prayed!  God shows up, and is amazing.  

Thank you Lord, for answering our prayers.  Thank you Lord, for our amazing children. Thank you Lord, for a three week countdown.  And most of all Thank you Lord, for showing up daily.  I love never having to have a countdown for you Lord.  Because you are always here with us!   .a three week countdown. 


Lindsay said...

Just awesome!

Mandie M. said...

:) SOOOOOOOOOO Excited!!! I am calling you tomorrow!! <3 <3!! I LOVE YOU!! AND LITTLE T!!!

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Tracy said...

So exciting! Praying for all the details.

Brittany said...

How awesome!!

Praying for you guys! :D