Wednesday, December 21, 2011

.our sisters.


.our sisters.  We have our official Travel dates and are super excited for our upcoming adventure.  We are leaving on January 8th, in 18 days!  It seems like it is right around the corner and I know that Christmas and New Years will make this time go even faster.  We will be in Ethiopia for one week and are excited to get to experience the culture and area of Ethiopia.  We are even more excited to meet our son and spend time with him along with the other little guys in his orphanage that we have come to love.  

We don't have a lot of planning ourselves, as our agency will give us an itinerary upon arrival.  However, we are choosing to go and visit our "sister" from Project Hopefuls Sisterhood program.  All the "sisters" in the program are living with HIV/AIDS - this program is designed to help them so that their children do not become orphans.  The goal is to rehabilitate them with medical and emotional care, provide job skills training, employment, and loans so that they can secure a safe and stable future for their families.  

Besides meeting our son, visiting our "sister" is one thing I am really looking forward to.  Currently there are 8 women enrolled in the program.  Since there are not many women in the program we are collecting letters & photos from each donor to bring.  I am making care packages for each woman as little bags of encouragement.  So far I have chap-stick and nail polish for each woman.  I am also planning to make a flower rosette pin for each one.  And make a little notebook.  Getting the gifts ready for these women is so much fun and it makes me tear up just thinking that we will be the ones giving it to them.  I simply can't wait.

Since the program is fairly new they still need sponsorship's.  Please head over to project hopeful's sisterhood page if you are interested.  I think this is a program that is truly needed and has generational benefits.  I am so happy to be a part of it.  .our sisters.

What little gifts would you bring for the women?  
I am looking for a couple more ideas!

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Sis said...

This sounds amazing! I cant wait to read more. I hope you have a wonderful holiday!!!