Friday, December 30, 2011

.goodbye 2011.

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this is what my 2011 would look like as decoration....crazy

.goodbye 2011.  Man, What a year!  I feel like this past year has been a whirlwind.  And it has, that is for sure.  In 2011 my heart broke more for orphans so much that we started the adoption process.  We geared up for a big game that lead our favorite team to be the Superbowl Champions.  Lydia turned 2 and Asher turned 1.  I am now more grateful for shoes then ever, and would love to buy some TOMS before we go to Ethiopia.  I am still sewing, although it has been a while.  Big disasters happen every so often around here and we have learned to deal with them and take pictures because looking back they are funny.  

We organized the best tea party in the world, which was followed by the sweetest wedding.  I started a fun little shop and partnered with some amazing people.  We had a wonderful vacation with friends.  Aaron and I celebrated 10 years of friendship.  We had the most amazing garage sale ever!  The Lord changed our hearts in a huge way and then we were given the referral of our beautiful little guy!  We got our dossier done in record time, and then the call to go to Ethiopia came.  Our good friends got married and we celebrated 5 years.  I learned the Truth about HIV and I followed Jesus through a really rough storm.  

All in all this has been a crazy busy, hard but fun, awesome year.  We have never before leaned on the Lord so much and it was amazing to see His everlasting faithfulness come through at exactly at the right time - every time.  My New Years resolution last year was to love the Lord more and I have fallen more in love with Him and my family.

I will strive to love the Lord even more in 2012, as I think will be a goal each and every year.  My motto for 2012 will also include some new things for us.  "Just say No" is a phrase we will need to stick with as our little guy comes home - we want to be less obligated to things in order to form good attachments.  That means we will NOT commit to anything in the coming year - reminding myself already.  "Keep it simple" is another phrase that we are going to try to establish.  I have learned that too much clutter is a stresser for me so were going to keep things simple and learn to organize ourselves a little more.  

Thanks 2011 you were so good to us.  Welcome 2012!   .goodbye 2011.  

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Lindsey said...

I just got my first pair of TOMS for Christmas and I HIGHLY recommend getting a pair! It's like wearing slippers all the time! Great post, girl. :)