Friday, December 16, 2011

.Christmas cards.

Holiday Card Design by Kal Barteski

.Christmas cards.  I have never sent out a Christmas letter.....until this year that is.  When I saw Kal's rad designs I decided to go for it.  We also wanted to share more of our adoption with those who don't venture into my blogging world and have not heard of some miraculous things God has done in our lives.  However, this card thing is a lot of work and I am starting to see why I have not done it in the past.  Although, I will not be sending cards to you via mail (well, most of you) I want to say Merry Christmas.  I hope the Lord blesses the remainder of your 2011 and continues to bless you well into 2012!  .Christmas cards. 

Do you send out cards?  
Do you have a system that makes it easier?  
How many do you send out?

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Sarah said...

This was my first year. 120 photo cards, manually addressed, took about 12 hours. I definitely know why I haven't done this in the past :).