Thursday, December 8, 2011

.and just like that.

.and just like that...... WE GOT SUBMITTED TO COURT!  This means that in the next two to four weeks we will find out when we get to travel to meet our little guy.  It most likely will be at the end of January or early February.  We are PUMPED!  

So many emotions are flying through me right now.  Two days ago I felt the lowest I have in the whole process and today I am flying high.  A roller coaster of emotions is exactly what this whole process has been.
It is amazing that God answers when we call out to Him.  Two days ago I asked my friends to pray, yesterday I asked you all as well.  Today God answered!  Just when we needed Him too.  It proves to me that He does answer prayer and that He is working for us.  I love that we asked people to pray for us and just like that He answers those prayers.  

I feel like the Lord had us waiting so that He could show himself to others through He has since the beginning of this process.  We are humbled that God is using us to reveal himself to not only ourselves but everyone around us as well.  It is amazing to feel Him work through us.  Truly miraculously amazing.

If you are at a low He will carry you through and pick you back up, answering each prayer in His own perfect timing!  Hang on & wait for him to reveal Himself - He Will!  .and just like that.


Future Mama said...

CONGRATS!! What wonderful news :-) Love it!!!!

Brittany said...

SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!

Sis said...

I am SOOOOO excited for you!! Will keep you in my prayers and keep checking back for updates!!!