Tuesday, November 22, 2011

.why I love Kal.


.why I love Kal.  I know many of you have heard of Kal Barteski.  If you haven't you should know she is my favorite artist + she is awesome.  I found Kal searching online for animal art prints when Lydia was about 2 weeks old.  That is when I stumbled upon her grow big dreams, dude collection.  And that is when I instantly fell in LOVE with Kal + her art.  

I continued to follow Kal's blog and vi-erred out to find other blogs through her.  Eventually I started mine.  Until I read her blog I had no idea that bloggers were cool.  Seriously cool.  creative. fun. and amazing.

If you have never checked out Kal's work please do.  Right now she is having a mega event in her shop.  Its pretty rad.  .why I love Kal. 

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