Monday, November 7, 2011

.unwrap purpose.

This Holiday Season Unwrap Purpose.  Help Families Adopt by Shopping Hannah James

.unwrap purpose.  This weekend an idea popped up into my head and I ran with it.  Why not?  To make this movie I took a million pictures and cropped like crazy.  I also brightened the pictures a bit because it was so cloudy and gray when I took the photos.  Note to self: wait for better lighting next time.  Then I uploaded them to Windows Live Movie Maker & added music by Michael Bublé.  Feel free to share this video and inspire someone you know to shop with a purpose this holiday season.  .unwrap purpose. 


Future Mama said...

SO CUTE! One of the cutest things I have seen!!! Love it girl. You are so creative.

Lindsey said...

SUPER cute video!!! I love it!!!!! Totally creative, girlfriend! :)