Wednesday, November 30, 2011

.oh, gracious.

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.oh, gracious.  EXHALE.  Life gets so busy!  So completely busy.  Today I had mom to mom and the theme that I kept hearing was about how sometimes we need to learn to say, "NO".  I think I might just take that motto on in the new year, starting a month early.  Because, right now I feel so swamped with everything.  .oh, gracious. 

Busy news: We have adoption education to complete.

The good side:  We have one more adoption class tonight and then we are done with those, yahoo!  Then, all we need to finish our classes are the book & article evaluations.  I love reading about adoption and taking the classes that will help us when our son comes home....however, since we started in March we have been JAM packing them in and we will be happy when they are done.  

Busy news: I am selling at a craft fair this weekend.  And I have to make stuff to sell (eek....), make a sign, price items, and sleep sometime too.

The good side: Everything we make will be for our adoption.  With travel expenses coming (hopefully) soon, we are excited to raise more. 

Busy news: Christmas is coming and I am so not ready.

The good side: Christmas is coming and it is NOT about the gifts or cookies.  And that is news I can take any day :) 

I hope you have a blessed day, even if your completely swamped like me.... 

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