Friday, October 28, 2011

.an unexpected blessing.

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I wrote earlier this week about God helping me out of my funk.....and I mentioned that I got an unexpected blessing.  This little blessing was exactly what I needed to really snap my attitude back into the right spot.  I am still amazed by the connection only God could have brought together and I can't thank Him enough for it!  

Last week I received an email from a stranger.  In it the woman asked me if *Jeremiah (see note below on name) was my son.  If he was then she had a story.  She and her family were praying for him, specifically, to find a family.  If *Jeremiah was not our son then she politely said, "have a great day and good luck with the adoption".

I read it thinking, what?  "Could this be the other family that was also interested in our little guy?"

Of course I reponded and shared links of our waiting and then our referral.  I also thanked her immensely for praying for us.  Prayer for us and our son is huge and I believe it is what is keeping me somewhat strong through this whole process.  

The other family responded the next day with a story that I have come to treasure.  My new friend told me that her family had seen *Jeremiah on the waiting list and been open to him, even getting a referral.  He was taken off the waiting list and all they needed to do was send in their accepting paperwork.  However, every single time they tried to send it in something came up.  They decided to pray about the situation more and they felt God directing their family in a different way.  She stated they went back and forth on the decision for a while, as it was really tough. 

My favorite line from her email is the next line, "God gave me the peace that it was not about whether he was right for our family or not, but that God had another family in mind for *Jeremiah."........Seriously, it gives me chills every time I read it!  God had us in mind for *Jeremiah!  Yes he could fit well in their family, but he was made for ours!  And God lead this open hearted family to see that and hear it clearly.   He also gave them the courage to follow His will. 

Throughout the summer they prayed for *Jeremiah, they prayed for his forever family (us)!  They were excited and rejoiced when they saw his sweet picture removed on August 25th, knowing that he got placed with the family they were praying for.  

I beyond grateful that our new friends prayed and listened to what God was telling them was right.  How many times do we hold tight to something we want so badly, and it could be a good great thing....but we know it is not right for us at the time.  They trusted God, even when it hurt, to let this little one go.  Not because it was easy or because they wanted to, but because they could hear the Lord telling them, "he is not meant for you".  

I am stoked that the Lord has united our families!  Now, because of an online chat group, our blog, and prompting from the Lord they can watch *Jeremiah grow up!  They will get to see him and his forever family.  And we live close enough where we might even be able to meet up in real life.  I love this friendship God has granted us.

**To top off the already incredible story.  They lead us to pictures of a mission group visiting his orphanage this summer.  Our little guy is in 11 pictures to be exact!  Seeing more of his precious face, seeing his friends, some of his home, seeing his caretakers - that was, and is, WAY BEYOND A BLESSING!  Since our referral we have not gotten an update.  So seeing his precious face again - in new pictures was what this mama heart desperately needed.  

Our new friends are still waiting for a referral.  They are praying for a little girl and I would love it if you could pray with me for them.  Their adoption journey has been rocky and they are hoping for a referral soon!  To you guys, We seriously cannot thank you enough for following God's will.  For praying for us.  And for reaching out when the Lord prompted you to.  We are praying for you and are following your journey.  God has your little one in his hands and knows who they are!  Keep trusting Him and leaning on Him for strength along the way.  We love you!

And to our little guy,
  You were made for us!  And we love you!  Your precious smile is more then this heart can take.  We are patiently, and sometimes not so much, waiting until we can meet you.  Hopefully that day comes soon.  We are excited for your sweet hugs, your gorgeous eyes to look into ours, and those precious lips to say, "I love you" (although, we are fully aware that will most likely be a while after you transition...a long while).  We can't wait to meet your caregivers, the little boy who seems to be your best bud, and most importantly you.  We are coming little one.  We are.  

  Also know that you have already, in your short life touched many.  Three families (that we know of) have opened their hearts up for you.  Three families have prayed for you as their son.  That is incredible.  You are already loved so much.  I know that you were made for greatness.  You might have no idea for a while, but you are my hero.  I will love you always.  
Love from the deepest, mama.

*Although we love the name Jeremiah, I used it to keep my family, the other family, and our sweet little guy protected.  We will not be sharing our son's name until the adoption is complete - thank you for understanding. 

**I cannot share a link or give you the name of the mission because our Agency does not allow us to post pictures and our family is trying to respect their guidelines.

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wow, what a great addition to your adoption journey's story :)