Monday, October 17, 2011

.pink eye.

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.pink eye.  Ouch.  Pink eye invade our house on Saturday, and not the pretty kind like in the photo above.  The kind that makes you itch and is highly contagious.  This meant we could not leave this weekend....oy!  We had great plans of going to home group (which I made an amazing cake for) and attending a baptism..... but instead we stayed home and washed, and washed, and washed everything (and ate the cake ourselves..... well it's half gone).  Seriously, I am still washing things.  

However, pink eye also gave us a great Sunday morning that did not involve rushing out the door mad at each other to church.  Instead we had a great family worship time.  I put on Pandora to the Jesus station I created and we had our own little dance party & signing session to the Lord.  After we read a couple Bible stories to the kids.  Then we put on a sermon for us.  The kids got antsy, which they do in church too, and instead of one of us missing the sermon we just sent the kids into the hallway with their toys.  Aaron & I both got to listen to the sermon and it was actually quite nice.  Despite our sickness we still got to praise the Lord and had a wonderful Sunday morning.  

Please pray with me that our pink eye will stop spreading so we can venture out sometime soon. Thanks friends.  .pink eye. 

The sermon we listened to is from Pastor Jeff Meyer - The Church is not our home church, but when we go home we visit and always love his sermons!

When your sick how do you worship?
Do you ever watch sermons online?

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